“Thank you so much for your kind words and support.  You are an incredibly gifted writer. Your poetic language combined with thoughtful insight is absolutely refreshing.  Keep up the great work on your blog and best wishes to you! Wishing you endless success, happiness, and peace.”

– Wendy Ngyuen, of Wendy’s Lookbook

Mind is the last word I would have used to describe my feelings about being featured on your blog! 🙂 “….girls who live gloriously, the females who find fulfillment, the women who went after more, and the ladies who live life to the full…” and my story gets to share some space in there… wow – I am most humbled. Thank you for your beautiful words. What a great blog you have and you write insanely well. Thank you for choosing to “look for the good in people”….I love it!”

– Jean, of 52 Weeks of Ballet

“Hello Maria, thank you so much for sharing your post about Jessica! Absolutely lovely — thanks for doing this. I just posted your blog on our FB account and tweeted it out to our followers! Appreciate your support so very, very much. ”

– Nick, of Jessica Cox Motivational Services

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