I roll my eyes when people say “when life hands you a lemon, make lemonade!” or any other such optimistic malarkey. I’m probably the most glass-half-empty person I know and am such a chronic frowner that the lines in between my eyebrows won’t undo anymore. I regularly get the “dark and twistys” only the Yang and Grey following will understand.

But I just came across a story of literally making something beautiful out of scars.

P.ink is a US based charity that tattoos women who have had mastectomies, covering their breast scars with intricate, flowing ink and giving the women hope and healing at the same time.

The way we feel about our appearance, as men and women, is such a complicated issue. There is such a weight of importance on it. We know it should be about our characters, our personalities, our spirits, but even the deepest among us often find ourselves quoting that beauty is actually skin deep. And who hasn’t caught themselves judging someone/themselves on the way that said skin lies, wrinkles or scars?

One woman named Mari, who swapped her stark pink and white scars for a mastectomy tattoo, says, “Every single time I see myself in the mirror, I am deeply moved. I feel something healing inside me.”

No matter how beautiful our spirits are, we still live in a physical, skin-clad world, and the connection between the two is so beautifully understood by the “tattoo rock star” artists who make these work of arts possible.

Writer Michelle Delio once said, “Tattoos have a power and magic all their own. They decorate the body but they also enhance the soul.”

Via P.ink on Pinterest

Via P.ink on Pinterest

2 thoughts on “P.ink – A New Kind of Rock Star

  1. I saw a video about P.ink once, it is pretty moving. We can recite as many quotes about the superficiality of physical beauty as we want but I think it’s when we come to terms with the fact that the skin we live in is our home that we can begin to love ourselves. I loved this post.

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