Humans can be very inspirational. In spite of the bad and sad news that can so often dominate what we read and see, every day there are stories, images and voices from people who make that little ember inside you spark a little brighter.

“If they can do it, so can I.”

“If someone else is doing it, maybe I should.”

“If there is hope for them, there is hope for me.”

In our every day lives, these people walk and talk, also. They’re harder to see sometimes, because we’re also rammed up against their imperfections, or we take them for granted because they’re “normal” people. Or their lives are a work in progress, and we don’t see a positive, beaming moment frozen in time on a magazine cover or at the end of a TV show, so we forget the impact they have had or the ignition they gave.

So today, the evening before International Women’s Day 2014, I wanted to tell you about some women I know in my own, every day, normal life who inspire me. I started thinking of a handful. I kept adding to the short list. I’m lucky to have women who inspire me in one way or another around me every day, whether it’s in person, on the end of a phone or reached across the internet.

  • I know a woman who lost a loved one to a terrible accident and works to turn the hurt into a helping hand for others in the same situation
  • I know a woman who never gives up on love, no matter how many bad and downright dodgy dates she endures
  • I know a woman who holds no grudge against those who have harmed her, choosing to get on with her life instead
  • I know a woman who left a job where she felt her morals were being compromised without a new job to go to, preferring to sleep easy at night than make an easy living
  • I know a woman who takes on more at home with her children so her husband can be free to pursue his dreams, and also manages to balance her time enough to see a little of hers
  • I know a woman who isn’t listening to her aging body, her well-meaning friends and her own fears and instead is starting a new life when most people have given up anything new

Which women do you know?

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