Yesterday’s newspaper had a pretty little girl on the cover. A young woman who had taken her own life because of online bullying. Anonymous bullies made horrible comments on her weight, looks and their verdict on whether she should be alive or not. It’s heart-breaking to see a young girl driven to the edge because of cruel words. Another recent news story told of vicious bullying on Twitter when a woman campaigned to have women heroes on Britain’s bank notes.

These are negative stories which I don’t usually talk about on here.

But I read a story which started very similarly to these two, which has a very different ending. An ending which hopefully can inspire other girls and women who face this kind of bullying to get through it and rise above it.

Lizzie Velasquez has an undiagnosed disease that only two other people in the world are thought to have. She has no body fat and cannot gain weight no matter what or how often she eats. Her skin is aged and wrinkly; her eyes clouded and limited in vision.


And Lizzie has become a motivational speaker and author of two books – entitled Lizzie Beautiful and Be Beautiful, Be You. She shares how she was labelled the World’s Ugliest Woman on YouTube (another online venue for positivity and negativity), that she would never amount to anything, to put a gun to her head. I think Lizzie’s video will tell you what she did instead.

video from Lizzie’s own YouTube channel

Whatever put downs we face in life, hopefully Lizzie’s story will inspire you to also win in our own The YouTube video vs. Lizzie fight.

More: visit Lizzie’s site here


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