It was because of one of you So She Is readers that I heard about this woman, Masika.

She doesn’t run a charity. She has no foundation. I’ve seen video footage of her telling her heart-breaking story and the haunting and pain that she says never goes away. But she is “mum” to a community of women, children, and even men who so desperately need her.

In recent days I’ve read about the Democratic Republic of Congo being the most dangerous place in the world for a woman. Every hour, 48 women are raped. I won’t go into detail here about their suffering, but it’s not too hard to discover the truth if you want your eyes opened.

Masika takes care of a community of these survivors and their orphaned children, thrown out by their families in shame, left to die, clothing them, feeding them, educating them, counselling them, but most of all helping them find a future.

“Unique” is a word that is found in many sentences with Masika’s name in them. What she, a rape survivor, is doing is unique. What she is giving to other rape survivors is equally unique.

She is giving them hope, a home, a dream for the future. “Their lives are shattered, we’d like them to know it’s not the end of the world,” she says of the survivors who must feel like it’s the end of the world.


This is a difficult story to write. I don’t feel the warm glow of inspiration I feel from other women I’ve shared with you, I can’t show you pretty pictures of smiles and shining faces. But I feel a very small part of what is the powerful force of feeling that Masika feels to do the incredible and truly inspiring work that she does.

More: visit Masika’s blog here and Fiona (her blog-maker) Lloyd-Davies’ page here


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