So She Is has been quiet on new stories for a while, although not on visits, I’m inspired to see. It’s been the Christmas season and a very lucky one for me, at that, full of food, loved ones, warmth, rest and laughter. I know not everyone in the world can say they had all of this – so I am truly grateful.

But I’ve also been quiet because my commitment to speak about the inspirational and the positive has been a hard one to keep this past week. While I was looking forward to a few days away of peace and joy, a 23-year-old woman known simply as Amanat (which means “treasure” in Urdu) went through a vicious rape attack and later died of her injuries in India. When I read news stories like this, I’m filled with sadness, anger and frustration. I felt like telling Pollyanna’s father, it’s been very hard looking for the good.

Change begins with you and I. Love comes from you and I. Support comes from you and I. We cannot change the past, and we cannot change everything, but we can change what little we can and who knows where that change will go.

Inspirational women that I have written about in 2012 have won Olympic medals, authored wonderful books, changed the law, influenced public perception, shown their scars with humility and fire, faced unpopularity, and 2013 will be no exception.

Please share this image on your blog or through Facebook or Twitter or however you share your thoughts with the world this New Year. Let’s do it for Amanat.

(c) Ivan Vicencio


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