Since I started So She Is just over six months ago, I have wanted my writing and the inspirational women’s stories I shared with you to reach across the world, ignoring age, culture and race, and I’ve been touched again and again by your attention, support and messages. There are many of us who have dreams of doing what we love full-time and writing is certainly part of that dream for me which your readership has brought me one step closer to.

I’m proud to have joined forces with another woman who has inspired me since I was an angst-ridden teenager, all secret diaries and frustration. Not only has Nyx Martinez been a role model for others with her creativity, positive messages and charitable work, but she has taken a personal interest in my life and desires with countless emails, mentoring and prayers even though we’ve never met. I’ll let her fantastic website tell you more about this extraordinary woman but for now she’s put feet for her faith and asked me to be a UK-based¬†Contributing Editor for her online magazine Lifestyle Planet.

I promise not to shamelessly advertise our magazine through this blog (although I think many of you will find it an interesting and inspiring read and hope you’ll visit!) but I did want to share this small triumph and say THANK YOU for the part your support has played in this.



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