Today I found something unusual that inspired me. Anyone who knows a little about Ryan Air knows that every year the prettiest and most nubile air hostesses strip off down to their tiniest bikinis, well-oiled and freshly tanned from either some exotic stopover or the tanning salons down in Luton, filling the glossy annual girls of Ryan Air calendar. The Women’s Institute now famous middle-age spread of members became quite simply known as the Calendar Girls, strategically positioning garden gloves and traditional teapots to cover their modesty in their own version of events. Perhaps it’s Anne Geddes – an extremely inspiration female photographer – or even Cheryl Cole (or is that just Cheryl, now?) that will do 2013 for you.

It seems women representing each given month with a pose for your viewing pleasure as you cross off in-laws’ visits, tax returns and dentist’s appointments fill us with some kind of inspiration throughout the year. Perhaps one of the most original and inspiring is The Travel Blogging Calendar – Women of Travel Blogging 2013.

Designed and created to raise funds for charity, these are ordinary women who love to travel and express their adventures through their gift of writing. These are a little different from your standard calendar model, but all are beautiful, inspiring both a love of travel and a comfort and relish of being a woman in your own skin.

Although – if you feel this is a blog for inspiring women (the doing verb) as opposed to inspiring women (the described noun) – you’ll be happy to hear they have a Men of Travel Blogging 2013 as well.


2 thoughts on “The Women of Travel Blogging Calendar

  1. Thank you so much for highlighting the calendar project. It’s been an epic helping it come to fruition, but we’re so close now! It’s good to see some positive feedback coming in 🙂

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