“Malala doesn’t just represent one young woman, she speaks out for all those who are denied an education purely on the basis of their gender.” So says Shahida Choudhary who is campaigning for the 15-year-old symbol of women’s rights to be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Unfortunately, to achieve this recognition the Pakistani schoolgirl had to be hunted down and shot in the head at point-blank range – she nearly lost her young life and was moved to a hospital in Birmingham, England mid-October to receive the care she needed to recover. This terrible ordeal was all because she wanted to go to school and she wanted all other girls in Pakistan to be able to go to school.

Yesterday her father told the world that his daughter was “inspired and humbled” by the messages of support and cards of well wishes she has received from people all over the world, “of all caste, creed and colour”.

To live in a country where education is a right and not a privilege is something I have grown up with along with millions of women worldwide, but it’s not the case in every country, and sadly girls like Malala face this type of attack, or at very least the fear and danger of it, every day that they choose to pursue education as a right. But the beautiful bravery of this girl to do so, and fight through such an attack with such strength and simplicity of character and humility, makes me not only proud to know that such women possess such vision but also wonder how this is a small part of changing the future for girls like Malala and what Malala herself is capable of in the future.

Really, truly, fully get well soon, Malala. The world needs women like you and we are with you.

More: read Malala’s blog here


4 thoughts on “Malala Yusufzai

  1. The males who continue this barbaric and senseless prejudice need to be educated. How many wonderful things in life have been missed because a woman was held down and back by males who are afraid of women and use religion as an excuse for their fears?

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