I was surprised today. Pleasantly surprised.

At the end of the summer full of Olympian spirit and the glee of leaving the house without a coat, I had to make a surprise exit from our little flat and spent the next three weeks in the spare room of some very lovely people. Who had no internet. When we finally got the keys to our new flat which I have dubbed “floating palace” (one day I’ll explain why) we had to wait what seemed like forever to two 2012-living, 24-hour-generation, internet-now-loving young adults for BT to do their thing.

By that time I thought my small audience had forgotten about So She Is.

So my surprise is that upon logging in this evening, my reader stats have not only not declined, but been the highest they have ever been.

Apparently there are some fascinating people out there who think what I have to say is worth reading, and coming back to check if there’s any more where that came from!

So apologies and thank you for being there even when I wasn’t.

I’m back and I have lots more to say. Expect an avalanche of posts over the next few days (can I say hours?)


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