Indulge me for a moment.

This is not another post just to share with you my renewed love of ballet.

Jean from Sydney, Australia started studying ballet at 9 years of age, then dropped out of classes in her mid-teens. She decided to return to ballet at 30 years of age, then another gap for about ten years, whereupon she returned to ballet again near her 40th birthday. Returning to a highly physically demanding art form in your 40s would be a challenge for any one of us, and Jean decided to blog on the 52 week journey of her first year back in her ballet shoes.

What resulted is a personal and inspiring story of an ordinary woman’s determination, discouragement, passion and humour as she seeks the highest standard she can achieve in this beautiful creative form of expression. I truly believe, no matter what our passion in life, that this diary will appeal to many women out there battling the odds (of age? physical ability? time?) to achieve a goal that isn’t necessary but oh so precious.

Jean has finished her 52 weeks but has since started Year 2, so you can join her on the next 52 weeks’ diary she is now writing.

Ballet lover or no – read between the lines of pirouettes, pointe shoes and perspiration to find inspiration and strength. Beautiful.

More: read Jean’s blog here


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