A young, pretty girl from Hampshire, England wants to be a model. She has a fresh-faced and attractive look, blonde hair, beautiful skin. She moves to North London with friends, starting out on an exciting career, dreaming of hitting the big time, discovering herself.

She’s now a beautiful young lady with a style and look I envy. She has her own foundation. She’s presented and made two of her own TV programmes and appeared on many others around the world. She’s given two Alternative Christmas Messages and written two books. She has her own column and appeared in glossy women’s magazines and newspapers up and down the country. Been nominated for and won awards such as BAFTAs and Red’s Hot Women Awards. I could go on. And she more than likely will.

But before all of this, in March 2008 she sustained an eight-hour savage attack by her then boyfriend and days later had acid thrown in her face by his accomplice. All the skin was removed from her face and numerous operations followed to rebuild her face and restore her eyesight.

Put Katie Piper’s name into Google and you can find out everything you may be intrigued to know about this amazing and inspirational woman, so I don’t feel the need to talk about it all here. But I do want to say that Katie is a gift in this world where such awful things can happen, and the reason why I still believe in the good that can be done, the love that can be shared and the life that can be lived no matter what comes your way.

More: after discovering more about this inspirational woman, visit her foundation website and show your support


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