Much has been said in recent years about the distortion and “poetic license” used in portraying women’s beauty in the media. This now famous video by Dove for their Self-Esteem Programme is a few years old, but is one of what I believe to be the most pithy and accurate ways of portraying exactly how dangerous and influential these practices are. In just a few seconds, we are reminded us of what exactly we are “supposed” to look like if we should be so lucky.

Please share this video on Facebook, Twitter and by email if you haven’t already done so. Our little sisters, nieces and god-daughters need to know that it’s ok to have pores, assymetrical eyebrows, and that spots (though annoying) do happen and it doesn’t mean you’re ugly.

Girls who feel ugly then feel worthless, unlovable and abnormal. Let’s remind them that it’s not true.

More: visit The Dove Self-Esteem Programme here


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